Getting Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles 
Some people believe that all cosmetic surgery is non-invasive, but there are some varieties that require deep cutting and penetration. The skill level with which these surgeries are performed will determine how bad the level of scarring is after the healing process is complete. If youre looking for minimally invasive cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles you will need to seek out a certified professional who has years of experience performing that procedure. Luckily, you have found our website, an online brochure that can tell you everything you need to know about us.

Our regular patients tell us that we are the best cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles has ever seen. This is, of course, a biased opinion from individuals who have benefited from what we have to offer. Then again, where else would you go for an opinion about a surgeons skills than to a patient who has experienced them first hand? Those testimonials from the men and women who have come to us for cosmetic procedures and skin cancer surgery mean a lot to us, as does their continued good health and ability to now live long and happy lives.

As the fields of dermatology and cosmetic surgery develop, the techniques and procedures used become less invasive. Take MOHS surgery, for instance. MOHS uses micrographic technology to give the surgeon the best idea of exactly where to cut so as to damage the least amount of healthy skin possible. Theres no way to avoid having to penetrate deep to get all of the carcinoma or melanoma, but there is now a way to avoid leaving a large scar from having to cut too wide.

Botox injections are another area where the invasiveness of the injections has been cut down, at least by those who know what they are doing. There is a specific pattern that needs to be used when injecting the potentially toxic Botox, and using smaller needles to perform the precise routine will help eliminate any potential scarring. Our doctors understand this and have years of experience with the practical application of it. If youre looking for minimally invasive, this is the place you will find it.

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We Want to Be Your Dermatologist Beverly Hills 
For some of you we already are, but for the rest of you who have yet to walk through our doors we would like to express our interest in being of service to you. We are the dermatologist Beverly Hills residents seek out when they are looking for the very best in skin care and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Weve built a reputation in the time that weve been here and our doctors are some of the very best in the field. Their skills, combined with the dedication of our support staff, have helped us create an environment that people want to come back to, not one they dread going to.

If you read the dermatologist reviews Los Angeles medical associations publish each year you will see one common element in all of them. Our service, listed as an Institute of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, is consistently placed at the top of each list that ranks the quality of available services. All of our doctors command respect in our industry, a respect earned from years of practicing good medicine in a profession that has recently seen far too many newcomers who take short cuts.

For skin cancer surgery Los Angeles physicians refer their patients to us. We use the most modern techniques with the highest level of success, such as MOHS Surgery. This technique enables us to cut as close to the actual cancer cell as possible, saving the healthy skin and cutting down on scarring. The micrographic analysis of the tumor after removal helps us to determine if we got it all and where we need to cut next if we didnt. There are very few dermatologists in the Los Angeles area who have the level of experience we do with MOHS surgery.

We want to be your dermatologist Beverly Hills. Weve spent years getting the experience we need to be worthy of your patronage. Now, we have what you are looking for, whether its to beautify, to heal, or to remove something you just dont want anymore. Our Institute of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery employs three of the best surgeons in the world. If you are in need of selective or mandatory cosmetic surgery, liposuction, Botox, or acne treatment, this is the place to get it done.

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Liposuction Los Angeles Women Dream About 
The liposuction Los Angeles women dream about is right here in Beverly Hills. Our resident liposuction expert, Dr. Ilya Reiter, is considered one of the worlds premier experts in the field of body contouring. Hes not just a surgeon, hes an artist. The techniques hell use when you come here for liposuction are the most modern and non-invasive available. With a minimum number of cuts and prodding he can turn that body of yours into the goddess-like form you have been dreaming about.

Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity. If youre looking for a way to lose weight, go on a diet. Liposuction is for those who have stayed in decent shape, not smoked, and want to take that extra flab away to reveal the spectacular body underneath, the one that just needs to be unmasked. The extensive cosmetic surgery Los Angeles women expect to have to go through is not as bad as they think. Most procedures are over fairly quickly and youll be at full strength with your new body in no time.

The best dermatology Los Angeles has available isnt even in downtown Los Angeles. You need to come to Beverly Hills for it, and youll be happy that you did. Our doctors offer liposuction, Botox, hair follicle treatments, and surgical solutions for acne. We are also one of the few offices in our area that specializes in MOHS Surgery as a treatment option for skin cancer. Weve studied the results of the procedure since its development and are excited at the cure rates that are in the high ninety percent range.

If you have a skin condition, or want to look better, dont make the mistake of just going anywhere to have a procedure done. Do some research into the doctors in the area and what they have to offer. Since youre here now, you can start with us. Each of our doctors is profiled on our main website and each is a global leader in his field. Their specialties as individuals are what make us the most sought after cosmetic surgery service in Los Angeles, perhaps even in the entire country.

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Facts about Botox Beverly Hills Dermatologists Should Share with You 
Botox has become a popular treatment in Beverly Hills over the past decade for the cosmetic smoothing and elimination of wrinkles. Its a temporary fix, one that requires the patient to come back to the office a few times a year, but when it is done correctly it can definitely help to slow the appearance of aging. The procedure is safe and its positive results are well-documented, yet there are many facts about Botox Beverly Hills dermatologists neglect to tell their patients about.

Sometimes this omission is out of fear of discouraging the patient; other times its due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the doctor. Unfortunately, the level of education in dermatology Beverly Hills cosmetic patients expect from their doctors is not always where they assume it is. There are a number of mall clinics that have popped up in the past decade where inexperience and lack of training are causing patients to suffer side effects they should not have to deal with. Botox, when diluted improperly, can be toxic. That toxin can cause serious problems, even paralysis.

The injection sites need to be selected carefully, the proper size needles must be used, and the mixture of chemical to water needs to be correct. Do any of these steps wrong and the recipient of the treatment will be faced with more problems leaving the office than he or she had when they walked in. Botox treatment is a form of cosmetic surgery that is supposed to be non-invasive. The last thing on a patients mind is potential muscle paralysis or illness after they see the dermatologist.

There are doctors in Beverly Hills that know how to administer Botox properly and they are not found in the back rooms of shopping malls. Do your homework before going in for cosmetic treatments or surgery of any kind and you can avoid any adverse results. Our doctors are all certified in cosmetic surgery and dermatology, and they are considered leaders in their respective fields. They are the type of medical professionals you want administering Botox, or performing any other type of cosmetic procedure.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills  
Beverly Hills is perhaps the world capital of cosmetic surgery. Beautiful people live, work and play here and they want to stay beautiful. To do that, they invest in the improvement of their skin and their bodies. Doctors come to this community from near and far to set up shop and try their luck with the art of body and facial reconstruction. With all of these professionals to choose from, how do you pick the one that is a good match for you? Who should you choose to do cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills?

If you ask anyone here, youll get three names: Arnold William Klein, M.D., Ilya Reyter, M.D., and Paul J. McAndrews, M.D. Of course, all three of these magnificent surgeons work in our office, so we might be slightly biased. To be fair to the rest of the community, the doctors in our organization all specialize in different areas of cosmetic surgery Beverly Hills beautiful people might be interested in. This diversity alone makes us more successful than most of our competitors are.

Dr. Klein has pioneered a number of minimally invasive injection techniques for Botox, Collagen, and Restylane, Dr. Reyter is known for his expertise in laser and MOHS Surgery, while Dr. McAndrews is one of the worlds premier specialists in advanced hair transplant techniques. How do you choose a best among these three accomplished experts in their respective fields? Each is perhaps the most accomplished at what he does, and the three together make us the top cosmetic surgery firm in Beverly Hills.

There are many fine medical doctors and surgeons out here on the West Coast. The best way to measure and rate them is to look at their accomplishments and track records of success. The profiles for our doctors are all available on our main website, just a click away. You can also read a little about our skin care expert Eleonora Friedman and our physician assistant Valerie Stern, a medical professional with an impressive history of practice in dermatology and dermatological surgery. Individually, our people are among the very best in the cosmetic surgery field. As a group, no one else even comes close.

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